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Hi, I'm Adrian Salisbury and I teach content creators and digital entrepreneurs how to record Professional Quality Videos... from home!
Forget your iPhone or webcam, those videos are never going to position you as a market leader.

Let me get you up and running in no time, regardless of your skill level and current equipment. 

Check out my latest guide: 'The Power Of Video - Why You Can't Ignore It Any Longer!'

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Pro Video Academy

This is our flagship product teaching Digital  Entrepreneurs how to create professional quality videos from home, without assistance or experince. 

In addition to the video based course material you get to work closely with Adrian and receive support usually reserved for high ticket mastermind groups! 

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ZERO to GO - in under an hour!

This is the fast-track version of the Pro Video Academy.

You need to be willing to buy the equipment recommended as the training is very specific. Support is available through a comments facility but this fast-track version doesn't offer the community and ongoing input from me that the Academy offers.

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"I met Adrian and my world was transformed!"

Digital Business Academy

"This is an essential course for entrepreneurs looking to create more professional videos!"

Breaking Balet

"I now feel in a different league and able to charge a premium price for my training courses!"

Salon Business Secrets

"He makes scary tech SO simple! Watching even ONE of his videos made a HUGE difference to the quality of my own! "

The Maxim Movement

"I was amazed at easy it was and also how much better the videos look compared to an iPhone recording!"

Lucy Snell

About Adrian

Adrian Salisbury is a Professional Photographer of 15+ years who more recently has discovered more pleasure from teaching photography and video than actually being behind the camera himself.

That enthusiasm and energy makes him a great coach and his ability to make complex things simple is what make his courses stand out in a busy market. 

Based in the UK but determined to buy an overseas home one day, somewhere exotic! 

A true family man and passionate church goer. You'll find him out early each morning walking his dog Bella, and filling his tank before the day begins... 

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"Why you can't ignore the power of VIDEO any longer!"

I've put together an eBook that highlights some staggering current statistics about the Power of Video and then goes on to give you some tips on how to perform like a Pro on your own videos.


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