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Why I'm Not Giving You Any More Tips!


I reckon I've been doing this all wrong!

You ask me what camera, I tell you.
You spend $700 on it and guess what... it doesn't make you look as awesome as you thought it would.
So... you either A) Give up, or B) spend the next 6 months trying to figure out what you're missing.

It's about like me just sticking a plaster on your problem without asking what's really wrong.

Plus, even if you do get going on the camera, I guarantee you'll be making hard work out of it!

Now the worse case is you stick that camera in the back of your cupboard, blame me for wasting your money, decide you just can't do this and go back to your webcam and give up on your dreams!

So check out the video to hear the rest of my thoughts on this topic and then let's continue this conversation in my Facebook group, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

See you in the group!

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The right way to choose your video equipment


You might be expecting a list of equipment in this post but I'm taking a step back first and asking you to settle on your guide first.
Yes, I've done another post on this here as I'm very passionate about this and know from experience the frustration of trying to listen to conflicting opinions.

"Find someone you resonate with"

Find someone you resonate with, trust their opinions and advice and hopefully they will be using the exact equipment they recommend so you can see the results you should be achieving if you follow them. That's certainly the case with me, what I recommend is exactly what I use for my videos but I won't suite everyone and you won't offend me if you want to follow another guide, just settle on the right person first, then listen to their advice, you'll save both time and money that way I guarantee it!

 "I did the same thing!"

I did exactly this with my business. I joined James Wedmore's 'Business By Design' program and if he says this is the program he uses...

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Why you MUST focus on just ONE GUIDE for video advice


Well I've had a few comments disagreeing with me on this but that's good right! Hear me out and please let me know your thoughts over in the Facebook Group after.


I'm totally speaking from experience here and referring to when I was trying to get my Online Business off the ground. I was getting such conflicting advice that I was just spinning and getting nowhere! In the end I heard one of these 'guru's' say exactly what I'm suggesting to you, 'find someone you can relate to, who you trust, who's got a proven track record and stick to their advice!'

Now over to you, what do you think to this one...

I look forward to reading tour comment in the group ;-)   

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The easiest way to waste your investment on video Equipment


'The easiest way to waste your investment on video Equipment'

The easiest way to waste your investment on camera equipment? Simple... don't learn how to use it properly!

I see photographers do it with cameras ALL THE TIME, they buy the latest camera thinking it will take stunning photos like they've seen others do in the magazines only to be quickly disappointed!

You need to learn how to use your equipment!

It's madness to buy a $1000 camera and not learn how to get the best out of it!...

...Yet that's what SO MANY Entrepreneurs do.

I get so many messages asking me what camera they need, I've told them but then I never see any evidence of them using it!


Because they haven't got a clue how to use out!

Don't let that be YOU. It's a sure fire way to throw your money down the drain.

It's like a customer coming on your course and never studying it. Did you know only 10% of people actually complete a course that they start!

I have an Academy, a small group coaching system that works...

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Why you MUST get clear on your goals before buying your video equipment


'Why you MUST get clear on your goals before buying your video equipment'

What do you want video for?

Who are you appealing to?

What are your competitors doing?

Answer these questions over in the Facebook group and as I recommend send me a screen shot of a competitors video and we can ensure you are buying the right camera, lighting and audio equipment from the outset.

>> Facebook Group <<


Check out the blog post I mentioned: 'Why You Must Get Clear On WHO You're Talking To'

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How to get clear on the STYLE of your videos


Have you ever thought about the style of your videos?

This is a similar topic to the one I posted about goals and I make no apology for labouring the point, I want you to understand what I'm saying. Before you buy your kit and start filming, take a step back and consider what your videos are going to be like. And this decision needs to be based on your audience.

Will it be casual like this, or formal? Will you go for a studio look with paper backdrops or will you go for a 'real' look, seated in your living room or office.

What do your audience expect, what do the guys who are crushing it in your niche doing? I recommend analysing their videos and seeing if you can draw anything from them to help you in your own. I'm not saying copy them but if you watch them and say 'they look so goooood' then what is it that makes them work?

Then, when you know more about the kind of set you want to create and the style you're going for you can buy the right lenses, lights, microphones etc....

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Why you MUST get clear on WHO you're talking to!


What do I mean by getting clear on WHO you're talking to?

Well, let's assume you are a content creator -

  • Who are your audience?
  • What pain are you solving for them? 
  • How are you doing it?

If I'm appealing to predominately solo entrepreneurs, working from home, then I can turn up like this, and my home or home office makes a great location for my videos.

If rather, I'm appealing to high flying business executives then I may want to re-think what I'm wearing and how I prop the location.

One of my Academy members recently whitewashed his office and added some subtle furniture and small plants to the backdrop to make it more 'corporate'.

Busy, stay at home moms would resonate well to you in your living room or kitchen, as long as it's tidy. You'll be more relatable and you'll build Know, Like and Trust quicker.

HEAR ME, I'm not saying to be fake! Quite the opposite. Be yourself as that's typically a close match to your customer anyway, I'm actually releasing you from...

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What background should you have for your videos?

So many people get this stage wrong.

They either just stick a webcam on their computer and don’t give a thought to the background or they assume a plain white wall is the solution and plonk themselves just in front of it.

Sorry if I just insulted you but seriously, this stuff makes a massive difference!

What would be my ideal location?

It wouldn’t be a fancy studio!

'Ideally' I’d shoot at the front of trendy office or in a luxurious home, like in some of these examples below:


Seeing people at work in their natural environment (a smart trendy one of course) gives a real sense of authenticity and helps us connect with them.

That second screenshot above speaks volumes doesn't it? Having that skyscraper view with minimal props (and of course a Mac) just oozes 'success'!

A similar tone is set with the others as they invite you into their world which instantly helps us relate to them and build trust.

I don’t have a trendy office...

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My Simple Lighting Setup


Although in the Pro Video Academy I explain the setup of these Neewer lights and how to colour balance them, I was asked this week about the exact positioning and so I've added a video to the Academy. 

While I was uploading it I figured it may be interesting to you too. 

Interested in the diagram? Download the PDF version here.

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Free 3 Year Warranty On Panasonic Cameras!

Wow, as if you needed any more reason to buy a Panasonic camera, now you can claim a FREE extended warranty on both cameras and lenses taking your 1 year to 3 years! 

Sadly it's US only but it applies to purchases from April 2017 - March 2018.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Download the details here

As you know if you've seen my other posts my recordation for video is the Panasonic G7 or Panasonic G85 with a 20mm prime lens. Both of which qualify for this offer!

Please let me know if you find this helpful or ask away if you have any questions. 

Thanks for spotting this Moshe (Academy Member)!   


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