What background should you have for your videos?

So many people get this stage wrong.

They either just stick a webcam on their computer and don’t give a thought to the background or they assume a plain white wall is the solution and plonk themselves just in front of it.

Sorry if I just insulted you but seriously, this stuff makes a massive difference!

What would be my ideal location?

It wouldn’t be a fancy studio!

'Ideally' I’d shoot at the front of trendy office or in a luxurious home, like in some of these examples below:


Seeing people at work in their natural environment (a smart trendy one of course) gives a real sense of authenticity and helps us connect with them.

That second screenshot above speaks volumes doesn't it? Having that skyscraper view with minimal props (and of course a Mac) just oozes 'success'!

A similar tone is set with the others as they invite you into their world which instantly helps us relate to them and build trust.

I don’t have a trendy office...

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My Simple Lighting Setup


Although in the Pro Video Academy I explain the setup of these Neewer lights and how to colour balance them, I was asked this week about the exact positioning and so I've added a video to the Academy. 

While I was uploading it I figured it may be interesting to you too. 

Interested in the diagram? Download the PDF version here.

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Free 3 Year Warranty On Panasonic Cameras!

Wow, as if you needed any more reason to buy a Panasonic camera, now you can claim a FREE extended warranty on both cameras and lenses taking your 1 year to 3 years! 

Sadly it's US only but it applies to purchases from April 2017 - March 2018.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Download the details here

As you know if you've seen my other posts my recordation for video is the Panasonic G7 or Panasonic G85 with a 20mm prime lens. Both of which qualify for this offer!

Please let me know if you find this helpful or ask away if you have any questions. 

Thanks for spotting this Moshe (Academy Member)!   


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How To Film On Location


Conscious that I film most of my videos... ok, all of them, from behind my desk I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone and come outside! 

I mention in the video my other blog post 'Ditch your Teleprompter'.

I also mention a blog post about a Wifi controller for Canon and Nikon cameras -


Already I'm getting some great feedback on liking this fresher style so why not try it yourself and see what your followers think. Don't be one dimensional and predictable, mix it up a bit ;-) 

Please let me know your thoughts over in the Facebook Group



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How Important Is Sound Quality In Your Videos?


I'm back on this again as it's such an important issue and I wasn't really happy with my previous comparison. 

Also, I've just been out to LA using a minimal wireless setup and wasn't totally satisfied with the results, so I decided to run a side by side comparison in my silent studio to see (or hear) exactly how different the audio is between lapel (lavaliere) microphone and a shotgun microphone, then whether recording straight into your camera is acceptable or whether you really should be recording into a separate audio recorder.

As this topic grew I created this guide for you to download:

The 4 Best Audio Solutions For You Videos

Download this FREE guide that runs through these four audio solutions and reviews the PROs and CONS of each, and also lists all the items with links to Amazon for easy shopping. 

Enjoy :-)  



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Ditch Your Teleprompter!


WHAT!!! Did I just say that?  Yep! 

I'm no fan of teleprompter, even with experience I can spot a mile away the videos I've used a teleprompter on and I'm exploring a different style that means I don't need to worry about it any more. 

What do you think, could you see yourself working more like this ? 


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AMAZING Wireless Control With CamFi!


Yes, yes, yes! This is an incredible breakthrough for those of us who have struggled recording ourselves and understand the pain of getting in focus and hitting record while standing in front of the camera! 

I'll leave you to enjoy the video but if you're a Canon or Nikon shooter you simply have to add this little device to your kit. 

Find it on my kit list here

I'd love to hear what you think to it! 

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3 Way Shootout between a Webcam, an iPhone and a DSLR Camera


Well I don't have much to add to this as the content's all in the video but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

I really expected more from the webcam but I guess that just confirms the massive difference you can get from a camera. 

If you want to see how you can get started on a budget check out this blog post

And if you're interested in the Pro Video Academy and recording videos to the same standard as mine please visit the website.

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Don't let FEAR stop you getting on video

In this post I want to look at the whole FEAR thing. 

Is it something you struggle with? 

You need to get your mind right before we look at anything else.


It’s so true isn’t it that fear can rob us of our dreams, but...

What is fear? 

I like this acronym 


We tell ourselves we can’t do something before we ever try. There’s no evidence to back up our fears, only what’s in our minds. 

Meet Jamie

My 17 year old lad is a classic example of this. He has mild Aspergers and that brings with it a lot of fear. 

Over the years he’s missed out on so much because in his head something isn’t safe or he can’t do it. For example when we went to Disney Land 8 years ago he stayed off all the decent rides as he was too scared to go on them. 

We go to a place called Centre Parcs every December for a family escape and there’s one huge water ride where we all...

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You Can’t Ignore The Power Of Video Any Longer!

... well not if you take your online business seriously anyway.

Check out these current statistics:

  • Landing Pages with videos convert over 80% better than those without!
  • Your chances of converting a prospect to a customer are 40% better when you use video!
  • Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google!
  • Video Ads are the cheapest and most effective form of Facebook advertising!
    46% of users act after viewing a video ad!
  • Nothing builds ‘Know, Like & Trust’ with your audience as effectively as your face on video!

Read what the Experts are saying:

Business2Community recently posted:

A single, short video is said to be worth 1.8 million words, and with results like these, it’s quickly becoming a marketer’s newest and most powerful friend.’

Hubspot recently posted:  

‘Video is long past the status of an "up-and-coming" marketing tactic. It's here, and it's an increasingly powerful way to...

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