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Free 3 Year Warranty On Panasonic Cameras!

Wow, as if you needed any more reason to buy a Panasonic camera, now you can claim a FREE extended warranty on both cameras and lenses taking your 1 year to 3 years! 

Sadly it's US only but it applies to purchases from April 2017 - March 2018.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Download the details here

As you know if you've seen my other posts my recordation for video is the Panasonic G7 or Panasonic G85 with a 20mm prime lens. Both of which qualify for this offer!

Please let me know if you find this helpful or ask away if you have any questions. 

Thanks for spotting this Moshe (Academy Member)!   


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What's The BEST Camera For Your Filming?


This feels like a drumroll moment... 'drrrrrrrr'   

"And the winner is..."

This is such a big question that most people skirt around but I like to give it straight. Now I can't categorically say this is the best camera but in my experience and from my research this is the camera that I am hand on heart recommending, and would do so to my parents if they asked me for my opinion.

So what is it?

The Panasonic Lumix G7.


Now although I've been doing all my filming with a G80/85, I got hold of the G7 (the older model) and as you can see in this post I put them side by side and there seriously was no difference for what I'm doing and teaching here. Therefore while you can still get the older model I would bag a G7 and spend the difference on the 20mm lens I recommend for it. 

Don't say I don't look after you ;-) 

Why this camera?

I know I cover it in the video but let me remind you why these Panasonic Lumix cameras stand out to me. They have some...

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Panasonic G7 v G80/85 Cameras - Is the extra $200 worth it?


Ok, so if you're reading my posts or following me on Facebook you know I LOVE these Panasonic cameras and for good reason... they're perfect for my type of video and about the best you can get for the money. PLUS they have a couple of awesome features I'll mention at the end.

Now I was all over the G80/85 and reading the specs I figured it was the perfect camera to recommend but it's predecessor the G7 is $200 cheaper and I wanted to put them side by side to see if there was actually any difference for recording videos like this.

So in the above video you can see exactly the difference between the two, shooting in the same place, with the same settings. What do you think? 

So if you're only using the camera for studio style videos or where the camera will be mounted on a tripod then there's very little difference between the two cameras as you saw. If you plan on trying some walking footage and getting more creative then it may be worth the upgrade as the in-body...

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