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My Simple Lighting Setup


Although in the Pro Video Academy I explain the setup of these Neewer lights and how to colour balance them, I was asked this week about the exact positioning and so I've added a video to the Academy. 

While I was uploading it I figured it may be interesting to you too. 

Interested in the diagram? Download the PDF version here.

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How Important Is Sound Quality In Your Videos?


I'm back on this again as it's such an important issue and I wasn't really happy with my previous comparison. 

Also, I've just been out to LA using a minimal wireless setup and wasn't totally satisfied with the results, so I decided to run a side by side comparison in my silent studio to see (or hear) exactly how different the audio is between lapel (lavaliere) microphone and a shotgun microphone, then whether recording straight into your camera is acceptable or whether you really should be recording into a separate audio recorder.

As this topic grew I created this guide for you to download:

The 4 Best Audio Solutions For You Videos

Download this FREE guide that runs through these four audio solutions and reviews the PROs and CONS of each, and also lists all the items with links to Amazon for easy shopping. 

Enjoy :-)  



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AMAZING Wireless Control With CamFi!


Yes, yes, yes! This is an incredible breakthrough for those of us who have struggled recording ourselves and understand the pain of getting in focus and hitting record while standing in front of the camera! 

I'll leave you to enjoy the video but if you're a Canon or Nikon shooter you simply have to add this little device to your kit. 

Find it on my kit list here

I'd love to hear what you think to it! 

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3 Way Shootout between a Webcam, an iPhone and a DSLR Camera


Well I don't have much to add to this as the content's all in the video but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

I really expected more from the webcam but I guess that just confirms the massive difference you can get from a camera. 

If you want to see how you can get started on a budget check out this blog post

And if you're interested in the Pro Video Academy and recording videos to the same standard as mine please visit the website.

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Could I Achieve Pro Quality Videos With A $400 Budget?

What was the inspiration behind this blog post? 

 This email comment in response to my recent webinar…

 ‘…I am a stickler for professional looking presentation and yours looks amazing, but alas I can't afford the camera at this time, so will have to put that on hold for now... I’ll add what I can to my Christmas list and hopefully we can connect in the new year sometime.’

I’ve had similar comments recently and I fully appreciate that the equipment isn’t cheap so I’ve been digging deep to find a cheaper solution that won’t loose too much of the quality. 

Being totally honest, I’ve spent all afternoon in a coffee shop working on this blog post as I just didn’t like where it was heading. I looked on eBay at second hand versions of the Panasonic cameras I recommend and there really wasn’t much more than $80 to be saved off the cost of a new one. I guess they’re still pretty new and...

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4 Reasons Why I Recommend Panasonic Cameras For Filming

I don't hide the fact that I've become a huge Panasonic fan this year and for good reason. They do everything I want plus give me some lovely bonus features. As a photographer I find the cameras smaller, lighter and more fun than my previous digital SLR camera, and they're rammed with extra features to make photography more enjoyable. This video highlights the key benefits I discovered for photography but in this post I want to focus simply on the key benefits I've discovered for filming.

I'm talking specifically about the Panasonic Lumix G7 and the newer Panasonic Lumix G80/85 (also reviewed along side each other here) and while they may seem expensive to you at $600+ and $250 for the lens I assure you they’re the cheapest option on the market that I know of without making compromises. 

So here's what I love about them: 

#1 The Remote App

These cameras both give you the ability to record remotely via the free Panasonic Image App

This is massive but...

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What's The BEST Camera For Your Filming?


This feels like a drumroll moment... 'drrrrrrrr'   

"And the winner is..."

This is such a big question that most people skirt around but I like to give it straight. Now I can't categorically say this is the best camera but in my experience and from my research this is the camera that I am hand on heart recommending, and would do so to my parents if they asked me for my opinion.

So what is it?

The Panasonic Lumix G7.


Now although I've been doing all my filming with a G80/85, I got hold of the G7 (the older model) and as you can see in this post I put them side by side and there seriously was no difference for what I'm doing and teaching here. Therefore while you can still get the older model I would bag a G7 and spend the difference on the 20mm lens I recommend for it. 

Don't say I don't look after you ;-) 

Why this camera?

I know I cover it in the video but let me remind you why these Panasonic Lumix cameras stand out to me. They have some...

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Panasonic G7 v G80/85 Cameras - Is the extra $200 worth it?


Ok, so if you're reading my posts or following me on Facebook you know I LOVE these Panasonic cameras and for good reason... they're perfect for my type of video and about the best you can get for the money. PLUS they have a couple of awesome features I'll mention at the end.

Now I was all over the G80/85 and reading the specs I figured it was the perfect camera to recommend but it's predecessor the G7 is $200 cheaper and I wanted to put them side by side to see if there was actually any difference for recording videos like this.

So in the above video you can see exactly the difference between the two, shooting in the same place, with the same settings. What do you think? 

So if you're only using the camera for studio style videos or where the camera will be mounted on a tripod then there's very little difference between the two cameras as you saw. If you plan on trying some walking footage and getting more creative then it may be worth the upgrade as the in-body...

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Want a Professional Audio setup?

I refer in several videos to use of professional audio recording equipment and here’s the list of kit I recommend and indeed use myself.

Recording separate audio is my preferred option as you’ll hear in my videos. I explain the setup fully within the Pro Video Academy but here’s the equipment list anyway. Links:

TASCAM DR-60mkII – £159
Rode NTG2 – £173
Boom Stand – £17
Eggsnow Shockmount – £4
Magic Arm – £15
XLR 3m Cable – £6
Power Charger – £24
Charger Cable – £1.50
Velcro Tape – £4
Cable Tidies (optional) – £5
TOTAL £420 approx (prices may vary) Links:

TASCAM DR-60mkII – $174
Rode NTG2 – $270
Boom Stand – $25
Eggsnow Shockmount – $10
Magic Arm – $22
XLR 3m Cable – $7
Power Charger – $32
Charger Cable – $3
Velcro Tape – $2
Cable Tidies...

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THIS is the lens I’m recommending for your filming


I take my recommendations seriously and its no exaggeration to say I’ve spent days looking between these lenses trying to settle on the best solution to recommend. Now obviously I have to balance quality and cost. In an ideal world I’d have you buying a Panasonic GH5 and the Leica 42.5mm lens, but that set up will cost you £3000 ($4000) and this alternative is more like £900 ($1200).

I’ve settled on the Panasonic G80/85 as a good mid range mirrorless camera that more than does the job of recording videos like mine and as I’ve said before, the main reason I am using Panasonic is the fact that their remote app allows me to record video as well as photos. It may sound insignificant and you won’t see many reviews about it but to me as a lone recorder, I now have the power to use my phone and focus, tweak the settings and record myself without getting up from my chair, Awesome!

Anyway, this post is concentrating on the lenses and as you can see...

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