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Don't let FEAR stop you getting on video

In this post I want to look at the whole FEAR thing. 

Is it something you struggle with? 

You need to get your mind right before we look at anything else.


It’s so true isn’t it that fear can rob us of our dreams, but...

What is fear? 

I like this acronym 


We tell ourselves we can’t do something before we ever try. There’s no evidence to back up our fears, only what’s in our minds. 

Meet Jamie

My 17 year old lad is a classic example of this. He has mild Aspergers and that brings with it a lot of fear. 

Over the years he’s missed out on so much because in his head something isn’t safe or he can’t do it. For example when we went to Disney Land 8 years ago he stayed off all the decent rides as he was too scared to go on them. 

We go to a place called Centre Parcs every December for a family escape and there’s one huge water ride where we all...

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