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Choosing a Location For Your Videos


As I say in the video I put this post together to really break down the barrier that you have nowhere to setup and start filming. As you saw I came up with some pretty creative locations ;-)
Depending on the camera and lens you use you’ll need different space for this. That's because I recommend elsewhere that you shoot with a Prime Lens to get the soft background and that means you can't adjust the zoom on the lens, you have to physically move it closer or take it further from you. In this video I was using the Panasonic GX8 with 20mm prime lens and I was able to get within about 1m from the camera meaning  I can work in a pretty confined space. Not many camera / lens setups let you do that so expect to need more like 2m in front of you at least.

I also recommend you have at least 1.5m behind you so you can blur out the background nicely. Now this isn't a post on the depth of filed and camera set up, I just want to get you considering alternative backdrops to a plain...

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