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You Can’t Ignore The Power Of Video Any Longer!

... well not if you take your online business seriously anyway.

Check out these current statistics:

  • Landing Pages with videos convert over 80% better than those without!
  • Your chances of converting a prospect to a customer are 40% better when you use video!
  • Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google!
  • Video Ads are the cheapest and most effective form of Facebook advertising!
    46% of users act after viewing a video ad!
  • Nothing builds ‘Know, Like & Trust’ with your audience as effectively as your face on video!

Read what the Experts are saying:

Business2Community recently posted:

A single, short video is said to be worth 1.8 million words, and with results like these, it’s quickly becoming a marketer’s newest and most powerful friend.’

Hubspot recently posted:  

‘Video is long past the status of an "up-and-coming" marketing tactic. It's here, and it's an increasingly powerful way to...

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Choosing a Location For Your Videos


As I say in the video I put this post together to really break down the barrier that you have nowhere to setup and start filming. As you saw I came up with some pretty creative locations ;-)
Depending on the camera and lens you use you’ll need different space for this. That's because I recommend elsewhere that you shoot with a Prime Lens to get the soft background and that means you can't adjust the zoom on the lens, you have to physically move it closer or take it further from you. In this video I was using the Panasonic GX8 with 20mm prime lens and I was able to get within about 1m from the camera meaning  I can work in a pretty confined space. Not many camera / lens setups let you do that so expect to need more like 2m in front of you at least.

I also recommend you have at least 1.5m behind you so you can blur out the background nicely. Now this isn't a post on the depth of filed and camera set up, I just want to get you considering alternative backdrops to a plain...

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Want a Professional Audio setup?

I refer in several videos to use of professional audio recording equipment and here’s the list of kit I recommend and indeed use myself.

Recording separate audio is my preferred option as you’ll hear in my videos. I explain the setup fully within the Pro Video Academy but here’s the equipment list anyway. Links:

TASCAM DR-60mkII – £159
Rode NTG2 – £173
Boom Stand – £17
Eggsnow Shockmount – £4
Magic Arm – £15
XLR 3m Cable – £6
Power Charger – £24
Charger Cable – £1.50
Velcro Tape – £4
Cable Tidies (optional) – £5
TOTAL £420 approx (prices may vary) Links:

TASCAM DR-60mkII – $174
Rode NTG2 – $270
Boom Stand – $25
Eggsnow Shockmount – $10
Magic Arm – $22
XLR 3m Cable – $7
Power Charger – $32
Charger Cable – $3
Velcro Tape – $2
Cable Tidies...

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How Important Is Audio In Your Videos?



As I demonstrate in the video, sound quality is really overlooked when we consider filming and yet it’s so important to get it right. Getting a good mic and bringing as close as possible to your mouth is vital. I suggest either using a Rode Video Mic Pro on an extension lead and boom (assuming your DSLR camera has a mic input), or better still a setup that records externally.

Here are the links to the products you need for both scenarios.

To record straight into your camera

Rode Video Mic Pro – £140 / $226
Extension Cable (3m) – £11 / $11
(See below for Boom Stand)

This will be a good setup if your camera has a MIC input and you’d rather the simplicity of working with just one file (rather than a separate audio file).

Simple Cable Mic
This is a stepping stone stage if you really can't afford any more. It's not the exact cable I used as mine was bought 10+ years ago but this looks very similar and has good reviews.

Lavalier Mic –...

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THIS is the lens I’m recommending for your filming


I take my recommendations seriously and its no exaggeration to say I’ve spent days looking between these lenses trying to settle on the best solution to recommend. Now obviously I have to balance quality and cost. In an ideal world I’d have you buying a Panasonic GH5 and the Leica 42.5mm lens, but that set up will cost you £3000 ($4000) and this alternative is more like £900 ($1200).

I’ve settled on the Panasonic G80/85 as a good mid range mirrorless camera that more than does the job of recording videos like mine and as I’ve said before, the main reason I am using Panasonic is the fact that their remote app allows me to record video as well as photos. It may sound insignificant and you won’t see many reviews about it but to me as a lone recorder, I now have the power to use my phone and focus, tweak the settings and record myself without getting up from my chair, Awesome!

Anyway, this post is concentrating on the lenses and as you can see...

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