ZERO to GO... in under an hour!

"Is that even possible?" I hear you say

"Yes it is" but there's a reason I can deliver it this fast...

"I'm so excited! I have shot my first video and it looks great! "

Breaking Ballet

"...You KNOW your stuff and you GUIDE with PATIENCE and EXPERTISE."

Simply French

"In a short space of time this course has taken my videos from average at best to AWESOME! "

Salon Business Secrets

"He makes scary tech SO simple! Watching even ONE of his videos made a HUGE difference to the quality of my own! "

The Maxim Movement

How is this possible!

I know right, Pro standard videos in under an hour, you won't find that anywhere else on the internet!

The reason I can deliver the training so fast is that you have to use the equipment I recommend. The camera, the mic, the lights, in total it's about $2000 which may sound a lot but there's a good reason for each piece of equipment I've selected and I assure you there are no cheaper alternatives delivering the same quality, I've tested! 

This is the equipment I use and it's taken me around 4 years to get this perfect setup, so I'm saving you a ton of time and wasted money. 

You need to TRUST me else this is not the course for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own camera?

Sorry, not for this course. The reason is that unlike in the Academy where I help you set up various kinds of cameras, in here I am literally saying 'turn it on here', 'turn that dial', 'press record there'. It's the only way I can deliver such fast training and for a busy content creator or digital entrepreneur who just needs to switch up from their webcam or iPhone and doesn't want join a programme and have the group support

What is the training like? 

When you join the first thing you'll be prompted to do is download the shopping list and get the equipment. I've made it very easy and given you links to everything on either or but you can google the products and buy them from elsewhere if you wish. Then you will have 7 videos that take you through selecting the room space, then setting up the camera, mic and lights, prepping on the day, file storage and finally editing. I admit the editing video takes you over the hour but I did say I'd get you up and recording in under an hour, not the editing too ;-) 

How does this differ from the Academy? 

The main difference between this Fast-Track course and the Academy is me! 
This course is designed to save you time, from selecting the equipment (I've saved you days of research), not needing to participate in group coaching and conversation with your peers. It really is a standalone course that you can buy today, have the equipment delivered tomorrow with Amazon Prime and be recording the following day, literally! 

A big feature of the Academy is my support and that's what guys are paying for, I literally hold your hand through the whole process guaranteeing your success by the end. I am in the group teaching on a weekly basis, you get a personal review of your video in a phone conversation with me, plus you get access to a whole load more bonus courses including ZERO To GO!  I can also give way more flexibility with different options of equipment too that I can't here. 

Honestly, if you're feeling like you need some support and coaching the Academy is the option for you. 

What support do I get?

Obviously you can email in at any time with support queries, and you can ask questions in the Pro Video Hackers Facbook Group, but you don't get access to the VIP Group and you don't get support calls or group coaching from me.

Any more?

Do you have any other questions that I haven't covered?

If so please email me and I'll add it to this area as well as reply to you.  

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If you're sold on the idea of getting up and running super fast then I fully recommend this dynamic, great little course. 

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